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        • Product Name: High Frequency Automatic Folding Box Feeling Machine
        • Update: 2014-06-07
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        Main Application:

        Automatic folding box forming machine is suitable for the blister packing, packaging products company, for professional production transparent plastic box packaging (applicable materials: PVC, PET, APET), also suitable for the large-scale manufacturer for private use.Such as: stationery plastic box packing, cosmetic plastic box packaging, gift box packaging, fishing tackle box packaging, hardware tools packaging, confectionery packaging.



        High frequency automatic feeding box folding machine, suitable for mass production, the entire of PVC, PET, APET material with high frequency machine rack, the flattening system to high frequeny machine on the die stage, in the role of high frequency and high frequency machine pressure, PVC, PET, APET material under the soft knife mold forming, trimming and conveying system send soft wire plastic box of the finished product.Optional scrap recycling system, automatically finished products from.

        High frequency automatic folding box forming machine maximum working size and high frequency power, can beaccording to user's actual demand to configure, length and walk each feeding speed can be set on the high frequency machine according to customer needs, production line is suitable for various material thickness of soft plastic box.

        High frequency automatic folding box forming machine is equipped with heating flattening system, through the system of flattening machine, PVC, PET, APET film, such as flat no scar, no scratches.Applies to PVC, PET, APET plastic box line pressing and continuous operation with high wave welding products.With high frequency welding material. The puller running at the same time, speed adjustable, electronic counter, transmission system adopts imported wear colloid materials, no cut sheet.Photoelectric control precision.


        Welding mould (die)

        We can make form a complete set of mold for using machine, the mold high quality and durable.


        Technical Parameters:

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