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        • Product Name: Auto Walking High Frequency Canvas Welding Machine
        • Update: 2014-06-10
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        Main Application:

        It is especially designed for HF welding of large format canvas (structural membranes), pool-liners, oil-booms, water cisterns, tarpaulin, tents, tensile structures, advertising billboards, spark protection cloth ,tent of truck, canvas of agricultural,canopy, swimming pool covers and other PVC/PU technical textiles, large PVC canvas/digesters/ fabric, computer advertising / printing/ Film cloth, the membrane structure, etc.





        1. Servo-motor; Touch screen programmable HMI / PLC

        2. European-model square high frequency oscillator box, more reliable and stable in output

        3. Single line or two lines continue welding, welding length can be ordered as special need.

        4. Can be used as a freestanding machine for welding production or as a supplement to a larger system.

        5. Double Operator Control Press Pedals – on both sides of machine for ease of access and material positioning during welding of    complex shapes of fabric

        6.Customized work table dimensions, electrode holder dimensions, tooling

        7.Laser Guide Projectors – projecting laser lines (easy for operator's eyes) for quick material guidance on the work table

        8. High frequency welding press pneumatically operated

        9. C-Frame / G frame welded steel structure with integrated HF generator



        Welding mould (die)

        We can make form a complete set of mold for using machine, the mold high quality and durable.

        Technical Parameters:



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