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        • Product Name: High Frequency Blister Packing Machine
        • Update: 2014-05-12
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        Main Application:

        Main apply to need high frequency welding and at the same time must be synchronous cutting of product processing, high frequency machine working principle is to use high frequency weld first then through the machine is equipped with a pressure equipment at the same time cut-off. Coz is completed at the same time, so called high frequency synchronization fusing machine. Also known as high frequency fusing machine, fusing machine, high frequecy synchronous cutting machine. Mainly suitable for PVC、 APET、 PETG,、GAG the environmental protection material double blister sealing packaging, blister + cardboard sealing packaging, toothbrush sealing packing, and EVA、leather、OPP、PU etc material welding.



        1. Vacuum tube, the output power is stable and reliable.

        2. NL - 5557 high sensitive spark over-current protection system, can automatically cut-off the high frequency to suppress, to  prevent the loss of high frequency mould and protect the life of vacuum tube.

        3. Setting the high frequency stabilizer and high frequency shielding device, high frequency interference down to a minimum.

        4. Setting manually adjust the mould, convenient test.

        5, The table automatically rotate, 3-6 position choice, positioning accuracy, automatic welding process to improve work efficiency.

        6. European model square high frequency vibration box, more relible and stable in output.


        Welding mould (die)

        High frequency machine must work with high frequency welding die. More than getting perfect welding and cutting effect,we do some special treatment on the welding die by ourselves to make it more durable. Our client can use it for about 10 million times without any replacement of the down mould.


        Technical Parameters


        **Machine related all size, can be customized according to customer requirements. Due to the need of improvement, the specification change without notice**



        Welding products rendering

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