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    • Product Name: High Frequency Running Belt Welding Machine (Double-end style)
    • Update: 2014-05-21
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    Main application:

    1.High frequency running belt welding machine specilize for fixed sidewall , cleat and baffle..

    2.Firmly welding, be well meeting with materials of thick or thin PVC,PU,PET or many other plastic products

    3.Specilize for connecting treadmill belt (running belt) / Conveyor belt welding machine.



    1. Machine groove deep and wide,convenient in continuous welding with large area.

    2. Adopting NL-5557 high sensitive anti sparkle device,avoid damaging the mould

    3. High quality imported apparatus,the longest welding extended to 800mm~1000mm one time

    4. 2-position to improve production capacity

    5. European model square high frequency vibration box,more realible and stable in output.


    Welding mould(die):

    High frequency machine must work with high frequency welding die. More than getting perfect welding and cutting effect,we do some special treatment on the welding die by ourselves to make it more durable. Our client can use it for about 10 million times without any replacement of the down mould.


    1. Recommend equipment of top choice based on your requirements for product;

    2. test for client freely, and send the sample back for checking

    3. Providing assistance in manufacturing and modifying tools;

    4. OEM/ODM accepted.

    5. Warranty for one year


    Technical Parameters:

     **Machine related all size, can be customized according to customer requirements. Due to the need of improvement, the specification change without notice**

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