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        High Frequency Welding Machine Working Principle & Feature
        • Published:Update:2014-05-17 14:05:34
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        High frequency and ultrasonic are the two different concepts, high frequency refers to the electromagnetic wave frequency is greater than 100 KHZ, ultrasonic refers to more than 20000 hz frequency sound wave.High frequency welding principle, the principle and ultrasonic welding is also different, high frequency is the use of high frequency electromagnetic field internal fierce collision with each other between the molecules of material high temperature to achieve the purpose of welding and fusing, which is generated by using the principle of friction heating to produce large amounts of heat to achieve the purpose of welding and fusing.High frequency application field widely, so there are high frequency plastic welding machine, high frequency plastic fusing machine, high frequency folding box machine, high frequency blister synchronization fusing machine, high frequency industrial belt welding machine, high frequency running belt welding machine, high frequency heating machine, high frequency horn metal mesh preparetions machine, etc.

        Composition of equipment
        By the high frequency oscillator and heating mechanism of two main parts, valve type high frequency oscillator using resonant cavity oscillation circuit, oscillation frequency in accordance with international and is superior to the national standard requirements


        Working principle
        Works by dielectric materials under the action of high frequency electromagnetic strike live positively charged molecules, makes the dielectric materials positively charged molecules of high-speed movement, the friction heat, make the weld.



        A. output power strong, produced by the oscillator frequency of 27.12 MHZ or 13.56 MHZ, in line with the international standard industrial band, all kinds of special electronic circuit control device, can avoid improper operation, and can the fastest time welding products, improve product yield;
        B. high sensitive spark protection device, when the spark generated can be automatically cut off the circuit, high weeks to lower parts and objects damage, when the current is too high, can be automatically cut off the high pressure oscillation tubes and rectifier;


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        • Contact:Ms.Cindy  Mobile:86-13590122693  Tel:0769-82972508  Fax:0769-82972538  Email:honghai@dggaozhoubo.com
        • Add:No. 23 Shaxi Road, Shabu Village Dalang Town Dongguan city, Guangdong Province, China